"These days... it's all vanilla sex for me."

An unexpected statement coming from celebrated pornographer and founder of Hustler Magazine, Larry Flynt, but I can relate. Does this mean that, after a lifetime of taboo eroticism, Flynt is resigned to a jaded perspective that renders all sex mediocre? I don't think so. I think when you've seen it all you come to appreciate that vanilla is whatever you make it. Maybe vanilla is the new kink.

I'm a romantic at heart. I get off on intimacy. I often fantasize of the deep kiss of my lover, fucking face-to-face in missionary position while we look into each other's eyes. I love make-out sessions. I find myself fulfilled by the passion and intimacy of what many consider vanilla sex.

I'm also a curious kitten. A hedonist. I don't believe in limits to sexual experience. I'm drawn to exploration and experimentation. I'm a lush for giving and receiving pleasure. I'm a natural submissive. I yearn to give myself over to my lover in service. I ache for my lover to use me as a conduit of their fantasy.

The division between vanilla and kink blur when I'm in the presence of a lover with whom I share trust and chemistry. Sexual satisfaction is never measured by toys, tools, or unusual acts. It's the glint in my lover's eye that gives me a thrill. The spring in his step. The knowledge that I make vanilla taste exactly like what he craves.