“Our biological body is a form of hardware that requires periodic re-programming through tantra, like new spiritual software, releasing the latent potential of the soul.”

Tantra is the practice of treating our bodies as temples, learning how to remain present while relinquishing control, and seeking awakening through embodiment and connection. In a world that is increasingly noisy, impersonal, and unkind tantra allows us to create a slice of nirvana together. Through this sacred shared space we access the deepest and most powerful aspects of our sensuality, overcome blockages to success in all avenues of our lives, and unlock our best selves.

As a new tantra provider I am seeking a partner in crime with whom I can explore the techniques of tantric kissing, body rub, and meditation. We will also likely manage to get to know each other, have a lot of fun, and share some giggles along the way… What do you say?