"I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees."

In the chill of winter I love to curl up with Pablo Neruda and imagine the possibilities for transcending seasons through the sensual energy of romance and play. Neruda's poetry, the intimacy and beauty of it, might not lend itself to describing a gang bang. But I recently popped my femme gang bang cherry and it was these words from Neruda that came to mind and stayed with me ever since.

Let me be clear that I've been involved in a gang bang with me acting as the recipient of the desires from several men. It's a cherished past-time of mine, in fact. So when I got an email from one of my favorite femme domme friends, Violet, my automatic assumption was that I would be playing my usual submissive role and I agreed. I didn't see myself as a top. Not until I got my reply from Violet saying, great, I'll see you there and bring a strap-on :-)

Wait, a strap-on, you mean that thing that usually gets used on me? I really meant to reply to her email and bail. Tell her that I wasn't cut out for this sort of thing. I'm a GFE to my core. But there was a nagging curiosity that drew me to this new horizon and, besides, the email completely slipped my mind until it was too late to cancel.

I was nervous but the buzz of excitement from my fellow femmes was infectious. They picked out the sparkliest pink harness and irridescent purple dildo. What came next stays a pleasured privilege between those in the room but what I can share is that as my anxieties melted away with the explosively erotic and surprisingly fun proceedings, I gained a new kink, and I can't wait to share it with you. Why wait for springtime?